So guys, I have literally no idea where to start on recording on my PC. I don't really have the time/other musicians for a band, and I wanted to start recording my songs on my PC and sharing them on teh interwebz, but I'm at a standstill because I don't know:

What software is superior.
How to get good guitar tones.
How to get drum loops.
Overall any of the basics.

This could also double as a great tutorial thread for other people like myself.

I thank any of you who contribute to the thread in advance.
Reaper will suffice for a DAW recording program.

To get good tones, you need a interface, like a M-Audio Fast Track Pro, or if you use Mac, Apogee 5, a good mic, SM-57 is always a good choice, and a good amp.
You can buy drum machines for money, but I just use DrumTrack and put in good sounds and build cool beats from scrap.

There's plenty of stickies at the top of this forum to help you get started, and gives you plenty of information, I recommend you read ALL of them before you start.