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I've searched and searched and searched. I can't find any tone better than Parkway Drive's
Killing With A Smile album.
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-James Hetfield's "Black Album" tone. (****in' GODLY.)... actually, pretty much any album sound, except "...And Justice for All."
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I used to be crazy about Slash's tone. Linde Lindström's tone. I want it.
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I've always enjoyed Ian D'Sa from Billy Talent.

I still love to listen to Zakk Wylde's solo in No More Tears, great tone as well
I model my own tone on John Frusciante's. I just love it. He was the first person to introduce me to having a dirty clean tone, and I haven't looked back. I love his super distorted tone as well.

Other tones that I really like are Satriani's solo tone, and that straightforward high gain heavy rock sound that Justin and Dan Hawkins have.

EDIT: Santana's tone is smoother than baby skin.




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I liek that Minor Threat and AC/DC tone...

I'm a fan of more stripped down tube amp crunch, most of my effects are for noise rock stuff.
Albert King's tone which he got from that SS acoustic amp.
He makes it sound gorgeous.

Also the resonator tone from I feel like goin home by Muddy Waters

annnd Buddy Guy's tone on Baby please dont leave me
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Satch's tone is one I've loved from the first time I heard it. Idk what it is about it, but it just sounds amazing. And the things he does with his effects are awesome, too.
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Frampton's. Definitely Frampton's. This is a close second.
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Josh Homme from Wretch up until SfTD, after that his tone changed drastically. Still good, but very thin and meh.
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Opeth's rhythm and clean tones, from Still Life to Damnation, and Devin Townsend's tone on Accelerated Evolution.

EDIT: Also, Hacride's tone on Lazarus. It sounds huge and chunky, but you can barely hear any fizziness from the distortion. It sounds like a huge solid slab of stone.
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John Petrucci is up there for sure
David Gilmour too
I wanna say Vai, but it may just be because of the way he plays
Also, Mikael Akerfeldt has some amazing cleans and deadly low powerchords

EDIT:^ I'd say his clean tone was better on Ants of the Sky, it seemed too weak in Selkies. But his distorted tone right after is amazing too.
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Misha Mansoor's tone. It makes me jizz.


and Tosin Abasi's

and David Gilmour's

Parkway Drives tone

John Mayer's tone from where the light is

Explosions in the Sky's tone

Paul Waggoner's

there are really too many sexy guitar tones to list...i like insomniums too
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Not sure but here are a few:

A lot of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Especially on Lift Your Skinny Fists. Hard to remember exactly where they all are though.

Maudlin of the Well - the clean jazzy parts on Bath.

Between the Buried and Me on Silent Circus. Not a huge fan of theirs anymore.

My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes. Obvious, but, holy shit.

Don Caballero on numerous, if not all occasions.
Dave Gilmour has to be up there. Fast Eddie Clarke, especially on the Ace of Spades album. Tony Iommi on Paranoid.
I like Jimmy Page, Mark Knopfler and Stevie Ray Vaughan's sound

Those are my favorites
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he had some really great tones and some really terrible ones but it always fit the song.
I like my own tones except for on solos it just sounds too pretty to be metal.
As for other awesome tones maiden, zakk, chuck schulinider? Nile, immolation, pat matheny? His tones absolute eargasm none of the work of actual sex just purely orgasmic tone.
Johnny Thunders on New York Dolls - so noisy
B.C. Gilbert on Pink Flag - so gritty
Robert Quine on Blank Generation - so garagey
Tom Verlaine on Marquee Moon - so clean & smooth
Peter Buck on Chronic Town - so clean & jangly
The Reid brothers on Psychocandy - so fuzzy
Kevin Sheilds on Loveless - so eargasmic
Tone on The Apostasy album by Behemoth. James H's rhythm tone for the black album/orion. Orion isn't a heavy riff but god that tone is just ughhhhhh. All that remains tone on For We Are Many, the title track is seriously one of the heaviest metalcore songs ever imo. I would like to say parkway drive's tone but it's pretty terrible, that album is just produced by a god. If i ever record an album i demand Adam D. And if he turns me down i shall challenge him to fisticuffs. And yes i know he produced For We Are Many too.

Clean tone in the outro to Mr Highway's Thinking About The End by A Day To Remember, Even though i hate that band with a passion that song is excellent besides the chorus.
Acoustice tone in fade to black, still, after listening to thousands of acoustic riffs that was the first real acoustic song i ever liked and is to this day is still my favourite. Protest the hero's tone on Fortress. Despite my hatred for JP's tones (but not his music), the clean tone on Wither is stellar.

Almost forgot, every guitar tone in the song blackbird by alter bridge. Clean tone is beautiful, the rhythm is deep and powerful, a little bassy though. Then the solo, **** me, **** me, and **** me more.
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Synyster Gates - So ear piercingly orgasmic to my ears.

Flameshield activate.
I like baritones and 7 string guitars, and my favorite out of all of them would have to be on the album Dysfuction by Staind.
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