I like the vocals and the idea in general. Quite odd and raw. I like how the song slows down and then picks up again (like at 0:35).
In terms of sound:
The guitar tone is perhaps a bit weak. Although it fits reasonably well in the mix. Also, the bass could be louder. I was going to mention the snare being a bit raw, but I actually think that is a good thing in this case.

It's a fun song. I think I listened to it about 6 times now : D

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I like the concept of the song, but the execution is a bit lacking. How exactly is this recorded? It sounds like you're playing this live, but you've also got overdubs and harmonized vocals.

Your sound is like a modernized Beatles. Interesting.

Your voice sounds good, but your pitch control is a bit lazy. Keep practicing. I think the overdubbing really helps to create a fuller tone.

Hope this helps
its not recorded live....and I agree with the being lazy on the pitch control. ( I cant stand taking 15 takes of the same vocal line because of the imperfections).