hi guys i bought the ux2 the last week and i have only problems.... the biggest problem that i have is when i play for about 5 minutes the ux2 shows in the meters that has that takes a huge amount of input signal and starts create a very strange noise.... the noise is so loud that i cant even hear my guitar.... this imput signal exists even after i unplug my guitar from the ux2. this happens mostly when i play solos. i changed everything. cables, guitar, and operating system. i have a hackintosh pc. with windows 7 64bit and mac os x lion. I installed and unistalled the drivers and pod farm many times and installed the latest versions of all programs. i also used other amp modelling programs like amplitube 3 and guitar rig 4. i also unplugged all other usb devices from my pc. what more can i do??? i forgot to say something important... i took my ux2 to the music shop where i bought it and they gave me another ux2 and i have the same problem. here is my settings from the driver.
Here is an audio sample.... Sample

ASIO Settings
Default Buffer Size: 128
Default Bit Depth: 24 bit

TonePort Monitoring is set to the lowest setting to the extra small buffer size.

At the input and recording the Input Select is the set to Instument.

If that helps my pc has a gigabyte-p35-ds4 motherboard. Intel core 2 quad q6600 2.4ghz proccessor. 3gb Ram Memory. 3 hard drives and 9500gt 1gb graphic card

Please!!! i need your help with that...
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