I just got the PodHD500 and love it! A few things though!

1) In order to record with it...all I have to use is something like Audacity and plug the pod via USB cable into my laptop? It then acts as the soundcard and will record while I wear headphones?

I was just wondering...is it better to have the sound come through speakers to record or is through headphones pretty much the same thing?

2) Also...when youre recording a rhythm section...say a riff is played 8 times...do you play it all 8 times or will you just play it once and "copy and paste" it 8 times so that its "perfect" in a program like Audacity?

3) I find matching up guitars to be difficult...is there any tricks to this? Espeically during a solo...it needs to be absolutely dead on...is this just something you get better at with practice?

Thanks for any advice!
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1) If you're plugging your guitar straight into the pod (I'm guessing you can do that - don't know much about them) then you can use speakers or headphones, but if you're using a mic on an amp you'll have to use headphones if you're in the same room as the amp.

2) You'd have to play it perfectly and copy and paste it perfectly which I don't think is entirely possible in Audacity. Shouldn't be a problem to just play it eight times though.

3) There are likely to be many tricks and tips out there if you look but as my recording teacher always says, 'You can't polish a turd.'
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You would think you would get some sort of limited recording software. Correct me if I;m wrong, but are you getting a delay between hitting a note, and hearing it. If that's the case you may be able to find a latency slider or buffer adjustment, to get you close. If not sorry, thought i would try to help. But if the pod is acting as the soundcard, then wearing headphones into the pod, there should be no delay. Maybe if you can explain a little more in detail, we can figure it out, there are some cheap, even free recording programs, Audacity being one, so you will get it!
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