A lot of times when I record with my mic simultaneously with my video recording software this sort of static noise appears.

http://chirb.it/qHPCC9 <---- Link to a sample recording when it happens

Have it happened to anyone of you? If so, in what way are you approaching this problem? Is there any way to remove that static noise but still keep the guitar sounds as they should sound?

Help is appreciated. Thank you.
Where do you keep your mic stand? I've heard of a guy who had issues because he kept if directly on the floor and got rid of static using a carpet. Other than that, sorry, I can't help
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Just on plain floor. But the thing is, it only happens when I am recording at the same time as I'm using the video software. And it doesn't happen all the time either. When I only are using the mic it never records any static sounds at all. But isn't there any way to remove it at all? =/