Hey guys,

Just finished a new piece of mine - a remix of Icarus Lives! by the djent band Periphery. This was a tough 'un to remix and not butcher too much so any comments on how it turned out would be great!

C4C as usual, cheers,

I really like what you done to the song. They way you fiddled with the structures and layered it all is fantastic You definitely gave it a different feel, it's awesome.

I want to hear more remixes like these!
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I really like the track. I like what you did to it at 2:02, good groove and melody behind the original vocals.
However, I do find that the build up at the start drags on just a tad too long. And IMO it would sound cooler if the guitar retained a bit more of it's original tone in parts like 1:10, it's a bit choppy.

Pretty cool

THe intro drags on, but things get really interesting after that.

If I had to criticize one thing, it's that even though there's a lot of cool stuff going on in this song and it sounds badass, there's nothing to keep people listening. The original song sounds interesting enough, but all the stuff you put on top kinda drowns it out. I think this song would have been much better as a standalone dubstep track.

Hope this helps

Honestly, I read "Dubstep" when I clicked on your Cloud, so I was thinking "Aw, f**k, dude. Another crappy Dubstep track", but I do admit this was pretty cool. Some of the Dubstep stuff could have done without, but this was good. I'm sure you know by now, i'm not the type that likes anything Dubstep, but you did a good job on this. I like it. Probably will listen again. THe intro does drag on a bit though.

Thanks for the critique!