Hi guys, I need to identify this old bass guitar. What is name of this bass, and is this a good guitar. Can it still play well? Thanks for help.

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any chance of a headstock shot?

it looks in pretty good condition, though.
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It's Japanese, probably...

The headstock is right-on for any one of the numerous Japanese brands in the 70's... Aria, Harmony, Kingston, Univox, Teisco... etc etc...

HOWEVER... Most hollow/Semi-hollow basses from then have squared headstocks with the 2/2 tuners. It's pretty rare to see one with the 4-on-a-side headstock. Also, the Inlays really throw me off. I've never seen a hollow-body with fin-lays. Also, most holes are usualy the "f" hole design... rarely have i seen the Ricenbacker-like holes like that.

In any case, that bass is awesome! Keep it, rock it, love it.

...just get that D and G string on their correct tuners!!!
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Thanks a lot!!! I'm from Poland so maybe this bass came somewhere from Eastern Europe?