Hi guys
I currently have a peavey jsx playing through an orange ppc4x12 and am pretty happy with the tone i have in all fairness it's a great amp, but i've recently got hold of quite a bit of money from extra hours at work and am looking for something else..
The Engl invader seems to be the complete package of what any guitarist could want. I haven't played one myself, but I've had experience with many other Engl amps like the screamer, the powerball E645 and ii.
Just wondering if this would be a good choice? or if i should spend the money on something else that is better.. ?
Bearing in mind an Engl invader is around £1800 that gives you an idea of what kind of budget i'm looking at. 2nd hand is always an option too i'm not really fussy.

Also is there any main difference between the 100 and 150 invader besides the wattage?

If anybody has any experience with the invader let me know
General consensus is that the 100w sounds better. What kind of music do you play? In that budget you should also look at the ENGL Savage.
WTLTL 2011
I mainlyyyy play hardcore/metal and any of the branches off like melodic hardcore/djent/tech metal etc too many to list
But I don't just look for that in an amp i look for versatility which is why i got the JSX originally but i want a 'step up' or 'uprgrade' if you will
I'll check that out now man thanks