Just got my new Peavey Pv6 Mixer/Interface and I've got it working... relatively well, with a few bugs. Wondering who would be so kind to help me.

First, Line in:
It records clean, but I can't find a way to get distortion on the track and make it sound good. (I use Audacity for the simple reason that Reaper won't seem to work. I can get Adobe Audition if it's better.) Would I be better off running my pedal through the interface? it has an "EFX Out" and "EFX In" 1/4" jack.

My sound quality is no good distorted. It could be because I have 1 Shure SM58 that records a 15W amp from 10 years ago. I'm still waiting to try this with 2 mics on my friends Fender Mustang. Clean sounds a little bit crackly too, but nothing that toying with it can't fix.

Thanks for the help.
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i'm not an expert in recording, but i used audacity as well before i got cubase and adobe audition. compared to the last two, distortion on audacity sounded like a horny bumblebee. you could try other free software or download a free trail of professional software to see if the problem lies with audacity.