Another piece I manage to finish within a night, probably the fastest I've ever completed a song. I'm pretty happy with it right now although the ending seems a bit abrupt. RSE recommended.
Between The Good.gp5
Between The Good.gp4
Nice to hear something a little different, and it was definietely 'experimental' at parts, especially with the crazy jazz guitar parts all over the place (synths?). The bit at bar 50 was pretty nice and the time signature change sounded pretty smooth to me.

You were right about the abrupt end though... too sudden.

Also, the legato thing at the start, on the other end of the fretboard sounds kinda gimmicky to me. I personally think it would sound better down an octave. Nice smooth jazzy riff though!

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Very, very, good. I liked everything except the ending, it just sounded like a mess of guitar, also very abrupt ending. ^ Like he said the time signature changing was very smooth, I didn't even notice the change until he pointed it out. This is definitely something I would pay to listen to.
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