So I downloaded all of DB, DBZ and DBGT (Last DB GT left me heartbroken )and it was in RMVB and ~17GB total and ~35MB per 20 min ep. I wanted it in MP4 cause a) I wanted to watch it via my TV's USB port b) VLC media player wasn't really holding up well when I watched it.

So I used a program to turn it into MP4 and it went pretty well but now it is 45GB and 90MB per ep. Basically way more than it should be because the free version of the program I used makes the files bigger than it needs to be so you buy the full thing(I'm thinking)

Is there a freeware program that can somehow work out how much of the extra MBs are waste so I can make them smaller but retain the same quality?
mp4 is generally a large file size anyway.

I don't think you'll be able to lower the file size without degrading the quality.
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Yeah agree with lemon.. Maybe decrease the file size by just a little, But not enough not too waste your time on without decreasing the quality.
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Yeah you may be right I just converted a 40 min ep using a different program and it came out to 110MB (would have been 230MB with the other program) and it doesn't seem as good (Not much worse considering it's half the size). I think I'll just leave it, if it aint broke don't fix it, I don't want to F it all up.

50GB isn't that much space on a 300GB HDD with nothing else on it

Thanks for the input guys.
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