Hey guys!

I'm looking for a new guitar atm. I don't have much money but I've been collecting for a long time. I'm really interested in this Charvel San Dimas 2011 (Style 1 HH).

I'm wondering, is this a good quality instrument? I'm looking for something that will last for many years and serve me well because I don't plan on selling it like ever. I might upgrade it somehow later, and it would be my main guitar for playing and recording hopefully for many years.

Do you guys think it will be still playable after say, 20 years? I take care about my instruments, I just don't want to end having to buy a new guitar within few years because that new charvel collapses. I realize this is just a mass produced guitar, but it seems reliable for the price. I wanted to go for Schecter C-1 hellraiser, and it's a great guitar too, but I don't really want to jump in the bandwagon, it just seems to be ultra popular lately and I like rather unique things (and maple fretboards!)

What do you think? Shall I go for it or get more cash for something more expensive? This Charvel meets all of my requirements though, and I really it, it's very comfortable, I just don't see any noticeably better option within next 1000$ range.
oh man, if you've been saving for a long time don't blow all that dough on a charvel. they ARE great guitars don't get me wrong, and i want one. BUT, i know you can build a better instrument out of parts from people like warmoth or allparts for less than the price of a new pro-mod. heck, you can build one with the exact same spects as the san dimas an it'll be cheaper and the same quality. but to answer your question, it'll last. the only thing i think you might have trouble with is the thin finish on the neck. if you're gonna be playing that sucker till the cows come, it's going to wear off fast like a year or two.
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I have a Charvel San Dimas, I've only had it a few months (it s 2011 model in Ferrari Red).

Still, if you're interested in my take on this, then here it is.

Firstly, yes, the San Dimas is a quality instrument. It's a very simple guitar, but very well made using high quality parts.

The control cavity is well shielded (as is the tremolo cavity), the switch, jack socket and pot are all rugged and high quality. The wiring is clean and very well done. Even the wire itself is good quality stuff.

The pickups are good quality too (Duncan '59 in the neck, JB in the bridge), however, as with all pickups, they may not be too your taste.

Fret work and neck finishing is absolutely flawless. The best I've seen on any production guitar.

The one cost saving measure they took was to use the Korean Ping made Floyd Rose instead of the German Schaller made Floyd Rose. The Ping Floyd Rose is largely on par in terms of quality with the Schaller made Floyd Rose, with the exception of the fine tuners which feel a little stiff. Not a large complaint by any means. The Ping construction is solid and the materials are identical to the Schaller version.

All guitars have parts that will eventually wear and need replacement. The San Dimas is no different. On a Floyd Rose equipped guitar, the posts, baseplate, locking nut and nut pads are all prone to wear, and may eventually need to be replaced. This is a minor job, and the standard Schaller made Floyd should directly retrofit the San Dimas is it is ever required.

The case you get with the Pro Mods is very sturdy too. Great value for money overall.
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any guitar, and i repeat any guitar, do i need to repeat once more?, any guitar, will last that long depending on how you take care of it. do you leave you guitar in a shed which has a lot of moisture in it, then you should consider buying a house to store that guitar in.
the few things that could crap out of you are hardware like bridge, tuning pegs, frets, pickups/wiring. the woods can last longer then 20 years just look at all those beautifull instruments that are still around from barok-period (that's pre-1900 for those who don't know).

i have a production model series from charvel also a san dimas style 1 2H i believe from 2008 or 2009. i have this guitar since july 2010 and it still plays like it's new.

if you really want a charvel guitar i couldn't recommend anything better.
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Charvel's are quality guitars. 20 years down the line you might want to get the frets dressed or even re-fretted and maybe a new floyd and other small changes. Nothing massive though.
Charvel is a Fender company and everything is being made to Fenders standards. Fender has had its weak moments, but never problems with guitars that don't last.
you really can't build a better guitar from warmoth for the price a san dimas goes for.

they are nice guitars. i like them a lot.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Thank you for all the replies!

I do have one question regarding that charvel though. I belive they have pickups mounted directly into the body. Will I be able to mount there EMG's 81/85, without having to screw in the rings? I really like the looks of the mounting and I wouldn't like to have to install the rings if its possible. Is it?
I'd go for it, you've obviously had some time to think about it and I was going to go for one myself a while back.
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