hello again fellow UG'ers

sin ce yesterday i have a problem with the tremolo of my Ibanez S540 (i know problems again) it's a lo-pro edge tremolo and when i pull it up the tuning of my strings don't return to normal after it till i slightly push the tremolo back down so it returns to the normal tuning.

is it used knife edges? so because of the used edges the tremolo doesn't return fully to it's original position? but why is it then only when i pull him up and not when i push it down?

are new knife edges expensive? and can it be something else?
Nah thats pretty well how they go.
Steve Vai has mentioned doing that several times.
My edge 3 does it too, my OFR however does not.
an edge 3 is in my opinion not comparable to a lo-pro edge
allso my guitar is from 1995, and the trem didn't do that until yesterday.
that is not normal
i think it's the trem pots? i don't know
Trems don't have pots.

Did you change anything about the set up of your guitar recently like string gauge?
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