So this is a song I've finally gotten around to writing vocals for:


I'm back to using to my shitty mic so of course the vocals are shitty (and nearly all recorded the moment the melody was written), and since I've moved into a new apartment my room is completely empty and is echoing like a bastard, hence the bad mix.

Still, I'd like to get people's feedback on this, and will of course return my own in exchange.
Writing wise, I'd say this is sweet dude. The mix, from a standpoint disregarding the vocals, is very good man. When you redo the vocals it should sound great. Just watch your pitch on the vocals in a few spots.

I'd say drop down the echo/reverb on the voice a bit and it'd sound quite a bit better.
I really like this. The guitar parts are very well written and performed. Every part of the mix was very good, other than the vocals being too quiet which I'm sure you're aware of. It'll be great once you redo the vocals, just be sure to mix them in so they're louder. And I'll agree with the comment above me, the echo is a bit too much for the vocals.

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Nice vocals, I really enjoyed them, they fit the song perfectly.
I'm getting this Brian Molko vibe at times. I like the scream-ish bit at 2:00.
I like the riff that comes in at 3:45 I feel like it should be higher in the mix though.
Nice tone on both rythm and lead guitars, solos are very good, I feel like it drags on a bit towards the end though, maybe you could have another guitar doing another thing over the one with the tremolo.

Nice song man, really cool.

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