I was wondering if anyone has tried to install the .064 and .074 gauge strings(from the ernie ball 8-string pack) to a regular 6 string guitar?

Are they any different than bass strings of about the same gauge?
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There's a good chance that the guitar's nut slots won't be big enough for them. I can't say for sure, though, and it's probably just a matter of filing the slots a little wider if they are too small.
Nononononono, bad idea, but yes I have. I had some Zakk Wylde Boomers and I believe the low E was .72, so I couldn't put the strings in at the time. Much later, I had a different set of string and I wanted to be able to drop tune, so I put the A string in as the low E. Then I took it into the store to get something fixed, and the guy working there said the string was still too big.
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Good Christ, why? That would be suitable for drop F!

It's an F# string, but i'm dropping it to D.
......I'll assume you mean the low low D....not like...Drop D.

Why would you ever wan't to tune that low, and I'm one for low tunings.
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I put a .64 in my LP with no problems... But I'd never tune it down to F#. Even A# was pretty floppy...
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Just got an Ibanez MTM2 a few weeks ago, but got it set up with my standard preference (GHS Boomers .052 - .010) set up in drop B. I want to put a set of GHS Zakk Wylde's on it (.060 - .010, not the super fat set), but am wondering if the .060 will actually fit through the post on the machine head. Can anyone testify to this?
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yes you can.

you're dropping 1 step down?

that should be perfect.

Yeah, I had the guitar setup in drop B with the .052-.010 set of strings. I essentially just want some fatter strings. I tried to put the Zakk Wylde .060-.010s on my Ibanez RG350DX, but the .060 literally was too big to fit through the post on the machine head. Hope they'll fit on the MTM2, but I suspect it probably has the same machine heads...
you can replace the machine head or very carefully drill it out a bit.
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