here it is ladies and gents. a work of ****ing art.


the pedal has already been built, but i figured that i would let everyone see the progress of this pedal. me and badgerific have been throwing things back and forth so that we'd have my ideal little dirt box.

essentially it is a very customizable silicon fuzz on one side, and a dod250/klon on the other.
the overdrive has a warm/clean switch, as well as a 3-way toggle for choosing different sets of clipping diodes.

the fuzz has a volts/gate function, to give it a sound similar to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLFtM4GIRA4 in the opening measures.

all in all, it's been great to work with badgerific and he's been very patient explaining things to me and helping me to polish the idea i had. the schematic did change near the end, but thats only in the layout.
Looks sweet. Would love to see a schematic.
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can't do that good sir.

because when i get better i hope to make a few of these and sell them bitches.

i will tell you its a modified form of both a klon centaur and a silicon fuzz circuit.
The Fuzz Face side is a Crest Audio Fuzz Face clone with Volume, Bias, Voltage and two Fuzz knobs (which can be foot switched between.) The OD side is a DOD250 grey clone with a bright switch and a Silicon/Germanium/Lift diode switch. It's not a modded Klon circuit at all.

Uhh, Tanner drop me a PM if you'd like the layouts I used
but klons were modeled after dod250's

at least, thats the impression i was given, meh. i still know almost nothing about pedals except dsp's.
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send me the invoice again? please?

edit: and you are right on the impression thing, but it sure does sound cooler to say it that way. meh, i've played on klons too, not worth their price imho. this though... this
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