I've been reflecting on my life as i do, and i've come to realise that Ganondorf needs some more appreciation. The Pit lacks some serious Ganondorf, so i'd like to create the greatest thread in the world, all about Ganondorf, cos he's a pretty cool guy, and he has the most badass strong impact name in the world. One day my first son shall be named Ganondorf
**** that guy

He's also a terrible Super Smash Bros. character.
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In all serious, he becomes pretty dangerous in smash bros if you can use him.

“Just to sum up: I would do various things very quickly.” - Donald Trump
Ganondorf sucks. He gets beat by a kid who learns how to swing a sword like a week before he defeats him.

And he's also one of the worst Super Smash Bros characters.

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Ha, he's a gerudo and the gerudos have only one man born every 100 years; the rest of the race is all women. I thought I'd share that.

In Brawl, you HAVE to use his white costume; he looks a bit like santa that way.
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if gannondorfs so great, then how come he always loses to a kid with 'courage'... big deal, he's got the friggen triforce of power! if you ask me power should beat courage anyday...
I'm not sure about Brawl, but in Melee he's just a slow moving, stronger clone of Captain Falcon. Oh, and that NES Ganon a few posts up is horrendously interpolated.
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Yeah, appreciate Ganon, the pixel-pig.

Its nice to see he has lost weight over the years, he also has the tri-force of weightloss right?
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Ganondorf was super ****ing badass in Twilight Princess. He dies on his feet omg

That fight was f****** impossible.

He does a an epic laugh, like the people above me said.
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That fight was f****** impossible.

The first part was a tad tricky but the last was rather easy. In fact, Zant was a lot harder. The OoT and ALttP Ganons were harder as well.
You guys suck! Ganondorf is awesome in Smash Bros. You just don't know how to use him.
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You guys suck! Ganondorf is awesome in Smash Bros. You just don't know how to use him.


I beat the crap out of people all the time with him and they call me cheap....
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