Hey everyone, I am considering buying a PCI sound card for my newly acquired desktop computer. I only need 2 inputs really alongside MIDI. I'd preferably like the pre-amps to be built onto the sound card. My problem is I just can't seem to find a sound card with pre-amps with only 2 inputs, they all seem to have 10 or so which is unnecessary for me.

Could anyone suggest a good sound card for me?

Thank you
It's hard to find ones these days that are PCI with the preamps built in. Usually you find a PCI card that comes with another external hardware. An example of this is the Motu E-MU1616M PCIe (http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/1616MPCIe/). I'm assuming you want something that's less bulky but maybe this is something you are looking for. I just think it's gonna be hard to find anything smaller with built-in pre-amps.
Thank you for the info

If I am just recording straight DI into the computer, not from an amp do I need a pre-amp? And if not, is there any advantage of playing a clean tone through the amp then running it through an amp simulator?
The preamp isn't necessary unless you are recording with a mic. So if you find a PCI sound card that's meant for recording and has a 1/4" input, you should be fine just plugging your guitar straight into it because it should have the proper A/D converter built-in. You shouldn't have to go through the amp at all.

This would be perfect for both MIDI and guitar:
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That looks perfect! In future however, if I did want to mic up my amp could I just buy a preamp and run my mic into that which will then run into the soundcard?