I really like this song. The only thing I don't like are the vocals when it's a bit of a scream. I feel like it could use some EQ or something to make the voice really get some depth. I actually really like this song. I was waiting for a big lead solo to come in, but that didn't happen. I really do like the song, and the music video is pretty good as well. Do you have Zacky Vengeance playing keyboards for you? haha. Couldn't help but notice they bear a striking resemblance from what I saw of him.

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Thanks for the comments. I don't like this music honestly, but the playing is well. I don't have any complaints as far as production goes, and the video is great. The piano sounds nice as well, it really adds emotion to the song. I think I would have liked the song without the vocals, but if that's your thing, then keep going at it and you'll make it.

What was that black and white clip?
I like how you play with your voice...

Nice keyboards!

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First thing I notice is the video. Very nice, looks pretty professional. Cool keyboards in the intro. Already less than a minute gone we've had quite a few different parts to song, heavy bits, quiet bits, different vocal styles, lots of different textures. I like that a lot, it's interesting to listen to. Cool bass part at 1:50, brings a slightly darker feel. Very good playing skills on all instuments and they all contribute something different to the song, rather than doing the same thing all the time.

Overall, that was really excellent. Great job of blending many different elements and having lots of different sections and changes in feel yet managing to keep it flowing well. Nice work!

I like the piano and bass a great deal! I think the mix is nice with everything to, I can hear the bass along with everything else really well. I think the piano could be up a little. The piano was awesome. Haha. The guitar playing sounded fine, wasn't anything fancy, but that's probably the sound you're going for. The singing sounded pretty good, the low screaming was nice too, but the high screaming was pretty rough. I didn't like it at all.

The video was SICK! I like how you used clips from all those different old movies. It was really sweet. Thumbs up from me.
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Very solid mixing and writing! It feels somewhat dry at times though, especially the vocals which I think could use some reverb, perhaps along with the piano (at least during choruses). I can't seem to find the place now but IIRC there was this placed where the vocals where hard-panned left and right which felt like it could've been done better, at least listening on headphones.

While the structure and style was very varied and all, I kind of found myself expecting a guitar solo to offer some further variation. The screaming vocals, while fitting your style, I felt could've been just a bit boomier and with "oomph".

Music video was great!

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THis is so cool!

What kind of camera are you using to film this? This looks like a professional video.

Your vocals are a bit low and get lost in the mix. You've got a good type of voice for this music, but it has been mentioned that your screams were weak. However, the screams at the end of the song were very well done.

Loved the piano and the sample of the man and woman having a conversation, though I felt that it was drawn out too long.

On the side, I'd like to mention that your "look" doesn't exactly fit your music. I think it's the glasses. Maybe get some contacts?

cool stuff. Hope this helps

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What was that black and white clip?

All the black and white clips are from old movies in which the copyright has expired. The director did all the editing himself, so I'm not exactly sure where the clips came from specifically.

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I'd love to give you some feedback, but I can't find your thread.

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What kind of camera are you using to film this? This looks like a professional video.

I'm not sure honestly. We got a film student do to it for basically free. I don't know much about his equipment honestly, but he appeared to have pretty professional gear.

Not really the sort of thing I'd listen to a lot but that's just my taste although I did really like this song. I like the simplicity of a lot of it especially the drums, too many bands put buttloads of fills in these days. The mix is great, everything seems at an appropriate level. The bass part was really dark and I really liked it because it was different and kept me interested. My only problem is that I didn't really like the high screams that much. I can't put my finger on what it is exactly that I don't like but they could have been better imo, other than that though, great song!

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I think part of the reason the high screams sounded a little bad, was because it didn't sound like there was any sort of effects on it. Usually when I record screams, I add a little bit of distortion (Maybe that's bad, and I shouldn't tell people. Oh well. lol). It helps them sound a little less weak and wimpy, like the ones here. And a little reverb wouldn't kill it either. Maybe the screams are just not my style IDK.

Hope none of that was mean/too-negative, just trying to be 100% honest.
I think everyone above me generalized the whole song pretty well. Not really my style, but a solid effort. The synths compliment everything pretty well. The vox fits in slightly awkwardly with the clean singing, but that's probably just me. Mix is very balanced, love that bass sound and the bass playing is one of the best bits here. The guitars needs a bit more punched but the guitarwork is really nice. This is pretty good though even with those minor gripes, you guys seem like your definitely going somewhere (or somewhere already). Keep it up and good luck!