I've been playing guitar for about 3 years now, been in and out of bands i play thrash, death, tech, everything metal. i had a question about music theory. i don't understand the steps. like do you first make the progression then go to the scale i dont understand the steps of composing in modal progressions.
find the scale you wish to be using, then based on the different degrees of that scale (I-IV-V and such) form your chord progression. then you can use that same scale for lead lines and solos.
whats the question?

This. If you want an answer, you'll need to actually ask a question.
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what we need to know is what you have so far.
do you have a chord progression made?
or do you have a scale or mode that you want to play within?
or are you starting from scratch and need advice on how to do so?
im playing in drop C tuning, it starts off on D dim im used the spanish gyspy scale in the key of C( is that suppose to be D?) from http://www.all-guitar-chords.com/guitar_scales.php?scch=C&scchnam=Spanish+Gypsy&get2=Get&t=4&choice=1

i counted the steps out for the chord, which was D Fb Ab.

then started writing on d then to fb then to ab, NOW im starting on Em now is that how your so suppose to do it or am i missing up somewhere.
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