I got the Mpk Mini recently but I cant figure out how to map my SSD drums to the drum pads. Anyone done this that can help me out?
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You're plugging an interface into an interface...


Pls tell me what is Interfaception. and how to solve.

Ive got an MPK mini. Here's how I would set this up: Start by running your DAW and opening SSD. Figure out what midi notes each part of the drumset are assigned to. I don't have SSD but I assume the kick drum is possibly C1. You may want to write down on a sheet of paper or type it up somewhere a list of each drum part and what key it is. Once you have that done, open the software that came with the mini (MPK mini editor). On the left side of the software is where you assign the keys. There are 16 pads visible on the editor but only 8 pads on the mpk mini. That's where switching pad banks come into play. So start with assigning your kick. I prefer my kick to be on pad 1 under bank 1 so I assigned the note corresponding to the kick there. To adjust the note, you can either click the letter next to where it says "Note #" and slide the note up and down or click and type it in. Default has all the notes at C-2 (that's minus 2, not dash as I first assumed). Anyway, my setup has kick on pad 1, snare on pad 2, closed hat on pad 6, and open hat on 7. It's a bit jumbled but it's the most comfortable for me which is key to assigning them to the right pads. So once you are done assigning everything to the 2 pad banks, save the preset in case it needs modification or you need to recover it and then click upload. Nothing gets changed until upload is selected. After closing the editor, you should be able to use the pads now for the drums. PM in case you need further help with it.