Please stop me if I'm posting songs too frequently, but I'm on a roll. It's so unlike me to write songs about the most superficial and outward aspects of relationships, but after a friend showed me a girl's long list of "deMANds" in a personal ad, I couldn't pass something like this up. And besides, my buddy C.J. said that I need to write more funny songs, and this is, if not funny, at least kind of snarky and cute. It's a really upbeat and super-poppy tune. This is a huge departure for me, so if it didn't exactly work out, let me know, I can take it. CRIT4CRIT, per usual.

Don't Waste Your Time on Me

The things are too num'rous to mention
That mankind can do with its hands
And you'd want to waste all that talent
Fulfilling your list of demands

All I wanted was a companion
But you want a servent at best
I gave out time and compassion
But you even still weren't impressed

If you want men doing your bidding
As far as those green eyes can see

Don't waste your time on me x2

Well, I dream of love and of passion
But those cheap things don't suit you well
I live in a basement apartment
You do too but you'd never tell

You'd think that you live in a mansion
Bought for you by part time boys
You say that beards are repulsive
And folk music brings you no joy

And if you want a foreign car
Driven faster than it need be

Don't waste your time on me X2

If you want my ears to listen
I think that that I can do
A car for your transportation
Well I think I can do that too
If you want flowers every so often
And someone to open up doors
If you need a heart to hang onto
Well, I can do all that and more

But if you want more like a door matt
To scrape off your dust and debris

Don't waste your time on me x4