hey guys
Im making a music portfolio for Cornell University.

They want me to play various styles on different instruments. I've obviously come for help on the guitar end of things.

I have an original hard rock song written, and I wanna do a classical song.

Any suggestions? I want it to be a pretty popular and pretty technical song. I want to put all my time into learning it and getting it down.

my best bet so far I think would be J.S. Bach - BWV1007...the arrangement by Li Jie. That song seems really, really really hard, so if you have anything maybe a LITTLE bit easier I would love to know.


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I love that JS Bach song, that chick is ridiculously good.

But i'd ask The Madcap.
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Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 - Franz Liszt

There's a tab on here somewhere...
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Ave Maria.

While that is a great song, I'm thinking the uni might want something a bit more technical...
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