I am buying a set of crome covered Aftermaths for my rg.
I have found 3 ways of getting them but 2 are pretty expensive.
1-Budd Royce Enterprises- $380.00cad+ taxes/ free shipping
2-Bkp themselves- over $400 cad shipped
3-Axe Palace- 309.99usd + shipping from usa to canada.

Any others that Im missing? Possibly a bit cheaper?
I had a set on ebay snatched on a last second bid for 240$...
I am willing to pay the approx 325 cad for the Axe Palace set, but of course am trying to be thorough and look around. Thanks.

Btw I really dont need a new amp.
where the hell are you in Canada?

In my world, the color RED doesn't exist.

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