This is a long shot here
I've been searching for a song I once saw on antipopvideos, it was a long time ago.
It's about suicide and drowning as far as I can remember, the video had a person under water struggling and your watching them through a round window like the type on ships, another part is that the guitarist has huge dreads and the video has alot of that reverse style playback in it, I estimate I saw this about 2006 but not sure.
I understand this really isn't much to go on but I figured if anyone anywhere would know it would be you guys on here
Also sorry if this is the wrong area but I'm new here and just put this in the genre I believe it to be
Thanks in advance
Something in me say's it's a Korn song, I don't really know anything by them to be honest but their guitarist has dreads I think and they're the only ones I can think of. Maybe Amaranthe but you said 2006 so...dunno.
Yeah I checked out korn but if I recall correctly the lead singer has short spiky hair, so rules them out but I'll look into it
Just checked and it's not them but thanks for suggesting

I've been searching for this song for a good while now, more than likely because of my vague info
the description you wrote makes something tickle in my head. i think i might have seen it a long time ago. it may be coal chamber or rob zombie maybe? i'm not a fan of either one but these 2 popped into my head. i could be wrong tho