Hey guys,

I might be able to get my hands on an EMG 81 and 85 for use in my les paul custom, but have a few questions:

firstly, i can only get hold of the pickups themselves, not any of the other wiring. what exactly is required?

secondly, if i understand correctly, installation will involve replacing the old pickups and also replacing the volume pots to higher resitance pots, which also need long shafts, given the arch top of the les paul. am i missing anything?

thirdly, is one 9v battery required per pickup or can one be used to power both?

many thanks.
I use one to power both of mine. you need new pots as well, yes. I would just buy the solderless set like I did. very easy to install. or somehow get a hold of wiring and pots
the solderless system works great, if your set is made for it. It should be pretty obvious which you have though. plugs or bare wires. the pickup selector needs to be soldered in. even with the solderless system.

you can buy mod kits to add another battery to the circuit, while not necessary, it supposedly adds headroom to the pickups. But a single battery works fine as well.
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thanks, i think i get it now

Ive just seen that the solderless set is sold out on the link i posted. any ideas where i can get one in the UK?

there are no guitar shops near me anymore...
You can't get a hold of some better EMGs, like the 81tw/89/89R/60 or the X series? The newer 81/89s allow for coil tapping, and the X series sounds good with one 9volt so the 18volt mod is pointless.