Hey everyone, quick question. Sorry for posting about this again but this is a little different than my last post haha.

I'm currently in a small band with my 2 friends, I'm the bassist and I originally played guitar when we were more ska-based. We consider ourself Punk/Math rock/Ska influenced. Heres a quick sum-up:

My influences are ska, punk, and melodic hardcore. Our guitarists is art rock (At the Drive In) and some light ska (Old RX bandits), and our drummer can play pretty much anything, hes huge into ska and 80s punk (Circle Jerks, Casualties, OP IV, etc)

I was talking to our guitarist, normally he likes playing fast experimental stuff, but he admitted he kind of needs a little more lead-on with ska playing. How would we be able to incorporate this into our music? Personally speaking, I want the crowd to know that when we play a specific part, even though we aren't 'labeled' ska, that they should get up and skank haha.

A perfect example would be A Moment Of Silence by streetlight (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOFkcj4iDvM)

At :12, thats EXACTLY what I'm talking about, hes not doing any upstrokes but it's still got the ska/rocksteady beat.

Much thanks in advance!

So.......whats your question again?

You want tips on how to play lead guitar in a ska band or something?


Forgot to mention that this is most probably the wrong forum to post this in, try Musician Talk instead of Bands & Artists.
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I want to know what other bands would be good influences and tips to playing ska guitar without upstrokes.

I was told to post it here by another member, also.
From what I hear the Streetlight Manifesto guitarist only ignores the offbeats (or 2&4) in the intro (I admit I didn´t listen until the end), but there he plays some rather fast stuff with a light sound and "small" chords (not whole barrés). Just two or three tones.
So just imagine a rhythm with these chords and that sound (much mids and treble while not haing the pick-ups too light) that fits what the bass and drums play. It might get the feeling of a fill guitar.
Some Television songs, like Friction have a guitar that´s not so far away from this (though Television is much better than any Ska band).....