I just won an auction at ebay for an Epiphone Emily The Strange G-310 and just waiting for it to arrive, so I wanna save time by thinking what modifications I will make to it

So far, these are some ideas:
- Nut: Black Tusq XL
- Pickups (some candidates, dunno much about GFS):
Gibson Classic '57 (neck) & Gibson Classic '57 plus (bridge)
WCR Crossroads
SD Antiquities
GFS Alnico II humbuckers
- Tuners: Grover Rotomatics
- Also thinking about removing the pickguard, since the design continues underneath the pickguard, but I think the 'guard is holding the pups in place, so.. will it work if I use pups rings?

Any other suggestion, please lemme know

And... before you start asking why would I bother about customizing a cheap guitar... Well, I guess I like Emily THAT much :P
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FWIW the 59's kick the shit out of the GFS alnico II's. Not as much grunt, but a much nicer tone.

The pickups you have there are from a wide variety of price ranges eh?

I know... I could get the 57 & 57+ set for like 200 bucks, the GFS set for 80, the 59's for like 130... so, I guess my budget would be 230 bucks tops. That's why I was thinking about the Gibby's 57 & 57+ set.

It's gonna be my baby, u know? Anyway, I got the guitar for 240 bucks XD so I can spend 200 in pups, I guess. This is meant to be my 'all-around-the-place' guitar (rehearsals, parties, etc), and my MAIN AXE will be a James Tyler Variax (no need for pups in this one, coz of the emulations xD).
If I was going GFS, the Alnico II's aren't the ones that come to mind right away. Their "flagship" Humbucker is the Fat Pat, based on (you guessed it) the Gibson PAF, and they have the Crunchy Pat (i think that's what it's called) which is a step up, output wise from the Fat Pat. The other Humbucker they have that's worth considering is the VEH (they say it means Vintage Extra Hot, but it's really an anagram for EVH). The VEH is meant for a Superstrat (for that Brown Sound) but it can work in a Gibson-style very well (remember Eddie's Frankenstrat pickup is just a rewound PAF from a ES-335)

Also, I've never used any GFS Humbuckers personally (except for the Fender Style Split Coil, which is utter garbage), this was all from a thread a few months ago either here or on the Les Paul Forums.
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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