I have an Epihpone LP custom GX with the dirty fingers pickups and honestly.....don'y like them at all. I thought these were supposed to be very high gain, and while they do have volume and punch.....they just dont get that dirty.

I have an EC1000 with a SD Sh4 in the bridge and I love it except for the fact that it gets a bit muddy when chugging quickly (Think Slayer, Early metallica). I love the sound of it otherwise and It provides the tone I'm looking for.

But I've been looking at the Sh5 custom lately and liking what I'm seeing. Everyone basically says its the JB but with less shrill highs and a tighter low end with slightly more gain. This sounds perfect

I cant decide if I want to stick with what I know I love or try something new? It didnt work out with the dirty fingers so I'm hesitant. Any thoughts?
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