I'm thinking about building my own strat from a gfs kit and since I've never done it before I have a few questions. First, how hard is it to put together one of them? The pickguard seems to all be pre-wired so I'm guessing it's just a matter of finishing the guitar, screwing everything together and then adjusting the intonation and truss rod. Second could someone post a link with step-by-step instructions for assembling one or just give me advice from there own experience. Third, does the neck need to be finished or do I just have to sand it? Finally I plan on spending a lot of time making this guitar look really nice and I'd like some suggestions for colors or possibly relicing it to look like a famous musician's. So please tell me what you would like to see, right now I'm planning on just doing a solid pastel or metallic color unless someone suggests something really cool. Thanks for reading this whole post and I'm really looking forward to any advice anyone can give me.
clamp the neck on, then screw in teh bolts. Add the pickgaurd, then the bridge andyou're probably good to go....If something gets in the way, just unscrew it and put the otehr thing on first.
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I made a GFS kit guitar, the RR style one. It's not that hard, I put a light layer of clear coat over the back of my neck just to project it. Make sure it sand it to the desired width first though, I may have forgot this step and now have a baseball neck. (still works though haha)
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Okay thanks I just have one more question. I really don't like the headstock on the guitar so I'm wordering if I could sand it or something to reshape it or if that's a bad idea, also I'd really like someone to tell me if I need to put any sort of finish on the neck or if I can just sand it.

Edit: thanks for replying about the neck finish. I like necks that are a little chunky so this seems perfect for me.
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well GFS sells pre-finished necks, so specify first.
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GFS only makes one head stock shape, and it's not very wide, so if you wanted to sand it down to reshape, you'd probably end up with something like a six-on-a-side config. of http://www.craftedguitars.com/images/my_creations/The_Cat_f.jpg . I'm not sure if you want that, so if not, I would recommend looking on eBay for a neck. If it is a Fender style kit, then just look on eBay for an old Squier neck. Also, you'll probably need to put the pickguard on before attaching the neck.