Hey guys!

I have a simple question for the "more experienced" ones. When you switch from light gauge strings to heavier gauge ones, how should you adjust the truss rod? Do you loosen it or tighten it?

Also, when I changed my strings, I took them off all at once (after having kept them loose for sometime on the neck) since the fretboard needed to be cleaned. Then I put on my heavier gauge 10s (previously it was 9s). Can this have had any bad effect on the guitar neck? I read articles which said you should switch strings one by one, and also ones that suggested you can switch 'em all in one go, but I am not sure on this.

Thanks a bunch!
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This. iirc you're gonna go clockwise looking at it from the headstock side.

As for how to change the strings, the main problem with taking all of the strings off is that it leaves only the force of the truss rod acting on the neck, but if you put the new strings on quickly enough, there shouldn't be any damage. That's how i change my strings too.
one by one leaves tension created by the strings that are being changes, of course if you're quick like sporkman mentioned, you can clean the fretboard too, with the all strings off at once method
I have always replaced all strings at once with out a problem. Also, you may not need to adjust the truss rod just because you changed to a heavier gauge. You will need to adjust your intonation.