Hey all, straight to the point- when I'm riffing on the lower strings of my RG1527 I tend to play a lot harder than when soloing or playing on the thinner strings, and as a result chords are often sounding out-of-tune because they're going sharp due to the extra attack (even powerchords)

How can I rectify or compensate for this? It only happens seems to happen on this guitar. Playing softer is an obvious solution, but I'm hoping for some kind of adjustment on the guitar itself
I have the same problem sometimes. Thicker strings might help, the extra tension should help keep the strings from going sharp. Past that I think your only option is to learn to play with more control.
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I had this problem when I played with lower tunings, and after I changed from 0.09/0.10 to 0.11 or 0.12 it never happened again :P
thicker low strings, more springs in the back - on the trem claw, some kind of trem blocker
thinner picks may work as well.
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If your technique is making notes go sharp then the problem is your technique. Get a metronome and learn to play it correctly at a slower speed.