Hi, I've noticed when using my Fender Telecaster Deluxe through an amp with high-ish gain and volume, my amp tends to squeel extremely loud whenever I am not playing. (Please don't suggest I just turn the volume knob's down when not playing.)

Anyway, I don't know a lot about this kind of thing but I have read that apparently it can be caused by pick-ups gradually degrading over time. Now I have also read it can be solved by "potting your pickups." I don't really wish to change the pick-ups in my Fender, although they are just the stock pick-ups I do like the sound of them and it suits what I play, however, I don't wish to pot the pick-ups myself as I really don't want to risk ruining the pick-ups. If I took my guitar to a technician would they be able to pot them for me?

Also, does anyone know any other reasons why it might be feeding back, excluding buying a noise gate? (I am yet to test my other guitars with my new amp at gig volume so not sure if it's just the guitar or the amp or any other factor.)

Thanks in advance.
Probably just feedback from being too close and playing at a loud volume. A noise gate will help dramatically.
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potting the pickups stops them from being microphonic. switch the bridge pickup, tap on the guitar and if you hear anything through the amp it's got a fair chance of being microphonic. if you don't hear anything, try the same with the neck pickup.

personally, I play with a microphonic neck pickup. it gives a nice twang when I want it, and when I don't I just switch to bridge and get a nice tone like an old Musicmaster
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