Hi guys,

I just recently started a band with a friend who plays drums. I'm playing guitar and doing vocals. I just wrote our first song the other day and all that's missing is a facemelter for a solo. Here's the problem. I've been playing bass for almost 2 years but only picked up guitar a month and a half ago and it wasn't long before I decided this was the instrument for me. I've wanted to be in a band for ages so I didn't really care that I'm still a guitar noob until it dawned on me that I'm no where near good enough to write solo's yet. So, guitar forumites, I was hoping you could give me some practice excercise's, technique tips etc. etc. Just anything you might think I could use to learn to solo.

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Learning your major and minor scales is a great place to start.
depending on what kind of style..the very basic is the pentatonics...

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I'de start with finger dexterity exercises to develop independance and reach. Next start practicing technique because you can't learn solo's if you don't have the technique down. I'd look at chromatic alternate picking, bending including unison bends, slides and hammering on and off as a start.

Then as MC3223 said start with simple Major and Minor Pentatonic scales (as this is used in rock music a lot). Learn the theory behind this because that will help you to improvise better. Then apply this in practice with small solo's that cover various techniques. Take it slow and then speed them up as you go and before you know it you will be able to learn harder longer solo's and apply this to your own music.
Take scales, turn them into cool patterns, turn those into fast runs.
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I know my major scale pattern, blues scale and I'm somewhat familiar with the pentatonic and minor. What kind of finger dexterity excercises? Examples?

It's a Blackened Thrash Metal band btw.

Thanks for the help guys, anything else you can tell me would be much appreciated.
Want a place to discuss real metal without the irritations the forums can bring?