I have been playing guitar for about 1 1/2 years and a friend of mine has been wanting to form a band for the last 3 months. Im not sure if 1 1/2 years experience is enough to form a band. I would be playing lead guitar and my friend would be playing rhythm guitar. He has about 2-3 years experience playing.Im not sure if it makes a difference but we both have took lessons. Could someone give me a general idea of how much experience you should have before forming a band.
Timing is the most important thing. Improvisation is also up there, but not necessary. If you know how to hold back the beat and play in sync with all the other members, you should do fine. Good luck!
There isn't a guide or requirement; it all comes down to whenever you feel comfortable doing it.
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just play together for fun, if it goes well, then maybe get more serious, if not, just have fun or stop if its not fun... not like you're signing a record contract or anything...
Just go for it, man. I mean, I dunno what kind of stuff you're looking to play but generally speaking rock'n'roll's not rocket science; you don't have to sit in your bedroom and study for years. My drummer started playing drums like a couple months before my band formed. And besides, playing with other people who are dedicated to playing music will make you a better player. I know it's made me & my bandmates better.
Just do it, dude. You don't have to be serious about it, just get some people together and jam. I formed a band when I had about as much experience as you- with people who had even less than I did. You'll become a much better player and also learn how to think and work in a band setting. You will grow to teach your bandmates things as they learn from you.
Its been about 2 1/2 years since then for me, it has done wonders for me and still does.