ok, so Im in the process of saving a fair chunk of money for an incredible guitar that will blow me away when I play it, although my intrests are mainly in metal, I do not want a metal oriented guitar like an ESP in case my tastes in music change later on, i want this guitar to be versatile and incredible.

where im coming from:
Gibson flying V (modded for EMGS)
Godin Redline 1
Fender MiM tele

peavey 6534+

budget: 3500$ can go up to 4000$ if its really worth it though.

new or used? new unless its a gibson, will consider used then (due to gibson prices)

ok now the more technical stuff, for neck shapes, I like medium sized necks (gibson 60s/fender necks. thin necks like ibanez are out of the question, but thick necks like gibson 50s I will consider, havent had too much experience with them but ive liked them so far.

guitars im considering?

Gibson Les Paul custom
PRS Custom 24
maybe a jackson USA soloist, but the neck is probably too thin on those.

I am not a shredder and have no intrest in shredding but i do occasionally sweep, and play arpeggios, and am trying to learn some stocatto runs but thats the most im gonna do, fast heavy riffs/more melodic solos, leads and pentatonic solos are more of the things into.

fretwire im not too picky about but jumbo/XJ frets are too big for me, other than that I dont really care.

scale length should be under 25.5" (bit too long for me) and more than 24.5" (so that leaves like 24.75"and 25")

now Ive played a few gibson les paul customs, some literally blew me away, other played like utter s***. so I kind of hesitant to go gibson in that sense that and its not too different from what I have already (22 frets, mahogany body/hardtail) it does have the gibson heavy and dense tone though that I really like.

on the other hand, the PRS custom 24 is just about as high end IMO, has 24 frets, a variety of pickup conigurations, and a strat like trem which would be fun to use. it also has good acsess to the high fret which be new in a guitar to me. Problem is Ive never played one, and the SC 245s i played were that great (they were in pretty rough shape) but still didnt really have any "magic" to them, if you know what I mean. (btw going to be able to play a custom 24, LPC, and les paul supreme all beside each other on friday).

lastly, I have played a Gibson les paul traditional pro. it was a pretty neat guitar, the pickups seemed meh or distortion but had awesome clean tones, and seemed pretty awesome for 2000$ but didnt have a "magic" to it too. like it played well and all and there may be a possibility for this guitar but I mean it kind o left me craving a bit more.

so If theres any other guitars that hit my criteria that I have smply over looked please let me know, because choosing between the PRs and the Gibson will be really tough. my priorities are playability first, then sound then looks.

And since im in a gigging band, super flasy guitars like the LP supreme are hard to justify (although I can justify a custom 24, even an LPC is a bit tought for me)

also keep in mind I am ok with spending less money to achieve the same result, because the more money i save, the more i can put into my rig (new speakers for cabinet etc. theres always something new especially since my band is start gig fairly regularly)
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Easy, stop playing metal, go to the fender factory and pick out your guitar before its made.
Pick up a strat. they're the most versatile guitars on the planet
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Didnt read any of what you posted. Dont go stock. (Maybe custom ESP?)

Go to luthier
Tell him what you want
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Get a custom made guitar.

With that kind of budget, and your want for versatility, you'd be a fool to NOT get a custom guitar made for you.


Here are some luthiers that I know of.


Just to name a few. These guys, since as far as I know three of them are basically one man jobs, are phenomenal builders. They specialize in different things, but they're very good at what they do.

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Oh yea forgot to mention, Im not even considering custom guitars, I have to be able to play before I buy

Im probably not going to go fender because I have a MiM tele and the 25.5 scale feels foriegn even after a year of owning it.
17 years old and your budget is $3500?
I am truly jealous

I'd go for the PRS Custom 24 out of the three you listed.
In fact, I'd go for that anyway unless I went custom.

Charvels might be worth a look too. Not sure how they compare to PRS though.
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did anyone read the part where i said i dont want a "metal oriented" guitar?

anyways, yea Im working like mad right now in 2 crap jobs, and even then, only half oof the money from each paycheck is going towards this guitar fund
Out of the ones you said, I'd go with the PRS Custom 24. But I think you'd enjoy a custom even more with that budget. Maybe a custom strat or a Gibson (don't really know the price of custom gibsons so don't know if there in your budget)

EDIT: sorry didn't see you weren't considering customs
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Definitely the PRS. Great guitars that have looks that can be used in any genre.
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I would personally go for the Gibson. Though, if you do that, you definitely need to try the guitar before you buy it. Gibsons quality control isn't the greatest.
The PRS would be my choice. If you dint care about getting a 10 top and so forth you may even save some dough. I think the Prs wide fat neck is super comfy. The 5way selector will give you some sound options there.
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fretz is absolutely right.
well theres this cu24 at a shop near me, 10 top ( dont really need it but ok), pattern regular neck, 5 way blade, and that new Eriza Verde finsih which is very nice. going to get to play it tommorow and see if its worth it imo.
played the Cu24, gibson LPC and gibson LPC 57 RI side by side today. the PRS slaughtered the Gibsons, sounded better looked better and most of all it played better.

oh btw, neat thing, the PRS i played ( this exact one http://www.theguitarshop.ca/features.php?id=977) was never played since the factory, the guys at the store actually took the guitar out of the back for me to play even though he knew i was fine with anyone that was already out on the floor

so unless someone knows a guitar besidesthe LPC that can rival the Cu24 i think my mind is made up