ok. name your first two guitars and amps

i'm kinda new to this site so forgive me if you guys do this every week. but i'm interested in seeing how much we all have in common with the struggle to get a decent guitar in our hands. I know we probably all started with low end guitars and amps. I started with...

Hondo 3/4 acoustic
Harmony strat copy

A tiny no name battery operated amp with about a 4inch speaker (total crap)
Vox...i don't remember the name but it was tube and probably late 70's. It was a nice amp, i wish i had it still but i wanted to rock like Randy Rhoads and traded it away.
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a Peavey basic 50 bass amp (which I still use to this day, but I've since replaced the speaker with a Black Widow after I blew out the original, and various other minor changes due to knobs breaking or connections coming loose)
and a Peavey Dynabass

that's right, I started on bass. so what.

my first guitar was an Ibanez GAX20 (which is a surprisingly rare instrument, if you search it on google images, there are only 3 different pictures of a GAX20 floating around, and one of them is mine. of course, rare doesn't necessarily mean good, but it's certainly not a bad guitar)
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A $100 guitar starter pack from future shop, which included an amp and guitar.

I'm not going to lie though, it actually wasn't bad. Even now, with all of the experience I have gained since, I'm surprised at how lucky I probably was; I think I just happened to get a pack that for some reason was built better than the others.

The amp had a built in tuner (important for beginners) and with a distortion pedal and a lot of help from a friend I got usable sounds from it, which as a beginner I couldn't really even tell what was good or bad. The guitar wasn't even that bad, in fact I still play it to this day. I gave it a proper setup, and I actually have the action as low as my Ibanez guitar. The neck is also pretty nice too. My only complaint is that the frets wore out too fast, and the electronics were scratchy (the switch and pots).
first guitar + amp were from a yard sale for 50 bucks.

Second guitar: Js100
Second amp: Peavey Vyper15.
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Oh ya forgot about my second guitar and amp.

Second guitar (my current main one) is an Ibanez S570b, which is basically my idea of a perfect guitar in every single way, down to the colour.

Second amp is a Randall RG75, I don't remember the full name though, but its a 75 watt tube amp, which Randall doesn't make anymore.

As you can see I did a shitload of research before I got my second guitar/amp. They should both last me a very, very long time.
The GAX20 is still my main guitar too. as badly as I've ****ed it up over the years I still love the thing and it can't be replaced. I have nicer guitars, I've built a ton that all play and sound better. I just can't get over my baby
1978 Peavey T-40 -> Ampeg Micro-VR - > Ampeg SVT210AV + Ampeg SVT-15E
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Amps: Epiphone Studio 10S, Traynor DG30D.
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First amp and guitar: Golden Ton starter pack from Aldi.

Second amp: Peavey Bandit 112. Still have it.
Second guitar: BC Rich Mockingbird, 'Firebreather' body art edition. I know little about it, but it's pretty good and I still have it. Ended up modding it and replacing most of the hardware.

Now I have an awesome Ibanez RG2228 and am saving up for a new amp. I don't have my first amp and guitar. Someone else has it now, as I gave it away to charity.
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1st: Squier Bullet Strat
2nd: Non fuctioning Hondo II les paul copy (still haven't fixed it up)


1st: Squier SP10 (just a terrible little buzzy amp)
2nd: Peavey Bandit 112
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Mind you guys I started playing in the 60s when tube amps was plentiful.

First guitar: Airline 335 copy (red)
First amp: Silvertone piggyback amp

Second guitar: Hagstrom Impala strat
Second amp: Fender Deluxe Reverb
Parker PDF30
Vox VT40+
1st Guitar: Univox Coily (Think ES-335)
2nd Guitar: 1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom

1st Amp: Don't remember. That was 40 years ago.
2nd Amp: All I remember is that it was a red, tuck-n-roll, Kustom.
Mysterious ancient Japanese electric guitar. Ancient Jensen tube amp I wish I still had.
'72 Raven hollowbody, with a Paul amp. I still have the guitar on my wall. A yamaha accoustic I bought at a yard sell for 10 bucks.
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Guitar: Epiphone SG Special
Amp: Peavey Vypyr 15 (which I still have to use)

Second Guitar: Fender American Special HSS Strat
I started with a J. Reynolds strat copy, sunburst finish. I got that guitar when I was only 7. My next guitar, 5 years later, was an Epiphone Les Paul Custom, alpine white finish. My first two amps were a Marshall MS-2 battery operated amp and a Fender Frontman 15g which I just actually used today to practice on instead of my Line 6. Still works great! Have had both of those first two amps for 6 years now!
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humbucker in the bridge position running through....
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Seems y'all had quite a choice in guitars and amps. Back in the sixties there's only the good stuff and crap stuff. I had my share of it especially when the solid states hit the market.

EDIT: by the way the stuff listed in my sig is what I had for 3-4 years so far. Pretty much free from gas attacks.
Parker PDF30
Vox VT40+
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1st guitar: '66 Telestar solid body with single humbucker, looks like this:

Still have it

1st amp: don't know the make but it was a tweed tube one speaker deal which I wish I still had
2nd guitar: Electra 2242 Superrock LP copy
2nd amp: Vintage Fender superreverb (not a reissue)
First guitar ever: Synsonics Strat copy in red, Gorilla 10 watt amp along with a guitar stand. I think the whole pack cost $120 or something. I got it for Christmas between the ages of 11 and 13, I think. Can't quite remember.

Second guitar: Ibanez Iceman 300 in black. Got it when I was 16 and I still have it.

Second amp: Peavey Transtube 112 EFX. Got it when I was 16 and I still use it.
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First guitar: First Act ME305. A strat style guitar my parents got me for Christmas from Sears. I don't know what made them think Sears was a good choice for music equipment. I guess they didn't think I was going to stick with it and didn't want to spend too much on a "phase"

First amp: the tiny POS that came with the first act.

Second guitar: a lower end Dean Vendetta. It was ridiculously light, and the tone I got from it was eh, but it worked just fine until my mom put it in the trunk of her car and snapped the neck in half.

Second amp: another POS First act amp a friend gave me that was only barely bigger than my first one. I've been using that tiny thing for about four years now. It wasn't until just a couple of weeks ago I finally got to replace it with a peavy vyper 30.
1st guitar: Yamaha C40
2nd guitar: Ibanez GSA60

1st amp: Vox Pathfinder 10
2nd amp: Jet City 20 watt combo

EDIT: wrote the wrong amp model. Why the hell did I say AC30?
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My first guitar and amp was from a starter pack. I modded the shit out of the guitar and now it's one of my favourite guitars to play. I got a BC Rich KKV, but it didn't last long before I sold it and got an Epiphone LP Standard with a Bigsby.

My second amp was a Roland Spirit 50.
I've only had one guitar and I am very happy with it(Squier affinity strat) I have modded it so that the tone knob controls the bridge pup instead of the middle pup.

Well, the amp that came with my strat was so bad, that I returned it(fender frontman 15g ) the music shop was nice enough to let me get a different amp for the same price, and I chose the cube 15x, which was much better than the frontman. I've had both the strat and the amp for four years and I still use both of them. I do want to upgrade my amp though.
Guitars: Fender FSR Standard Strat, Squire Affinity Strat, Epiphone Nighthawk
Amps: Vox AC15C1, Roland Cube 15x, Peavey KB-1
Pedals: Digitech RP355, HD500, Joyo AC-Tone, EHX Soul Food
First guitar was a Fender Lead II. I loved it and still do, and I'm never getting rid of it. After about a year of using it (and suffering with its tiny and incredibly dirty fretwire) I got a Schecter Hellraiser Solo 6 as a Christmas present. (I got to pick it out) I f*cking love that guitar.

My first amp was a 1978 Fender Deluxe Reverb SilverFace. It came with the Lead II, and I'm not getting rid of it. I recently had it re-capped and now it sounds EVEN BETTER. My second amp is just a little Crate Profiler 5, it's not bad.
washburn x10/Washburn C40

marshall mg10kk/ Behringer ultrabass bt108
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first axe was a Westfield strat copy, looks lovely played nice, sounds not so nice. It's now in a cupboard with heavy-ish strings, set up in C standard. Never played.

Second was a Fernandes revolver pro. Nice axe, but sold it about a month ago because floyd roses are unnecessarily wanky.

first amp, dunno the name but it was a 10 watt solid state with HORRIBLE overdrive and covered in blue fur.

second amp was a 20W solid state vox, which i really didn't like either. Too much low end.
My first guitar and amp was a Squier Affinity strat package, which to be perfectly honest, was far better than the guitars some of my friends were playing, when I started. The guitar had pretty much zero tuning stability though, but it played well, and sounded OK through the Fender Frontman amp.

2nd guitar was a MIM Fender Telecaster, which I will probably never get rid of. It plays really well, sounds great, and has been my main gigging and recording guitar for about 5 years.

1st amp, as mentioned, was a Fender Frontman 15 watt thing. Loud and clear as hell on clean, but the distortion sucked hard. My girlfriend now uses it to play her electric violin through.

2nd amp was a Peavey Valveking 112. I used this for about 5 years (I got it about the same time as my Fender), and now sits in my room, unused, because of my new Tiny Terror and Orange 2x12.
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