Alright im just about to start shaping my neck. im going for a thin neck, because of my hand size. i will try to keep numbers in similar non-reduced fractions so its easier to compare.
now, the strat i have heres' neck at the nut is 7/8" thick. but a diagram for another neck i found which is thin, shows that neck at just a hair under 6/8" thick. more what im going for.
my concern is, the thin neck has 2 carbon rods in it, and i opted out of extra rods for this neck and just went with a DA truss alone. now, my neck IS bubinga which is what, the second hardest wood for a neck or something?

bringing me back to my concern though, my truss rod sits 3/8" deep from the bottom of the fretboard, meaning if i make the neck 3/4" thick including the fretboard, then at the nut there is only 1/4" (4/16") of wood under the truss route. by the 12th fret there is 7/16", so slightly more, but still not much.

is that going to be too thin without extra rods? sorry for throwing numbers out there, but i dont want to go too thin, this is my first neck, and ive put a lot of time into it so far
Considering you're making it out of bubinga, it should be fine really. I wouldnt worry too much, if your that worried, try looking for a smaller DA truss rod, allparts.com ones are pretty thin, so maybe check them out

Your call whether to put in carbon rods or not, but remember, if you do, put them as close to the outside of the neck as practically possible, as the middle of the neck takes the least stress, and the outside surface of the neck is under the most strain.

thing is, with this neck, im already past truss rod in and fretboard glued, its just still a square, all i have to do is shape it.
im thinking i might just go for it, but make me inaccuracy towards the bigger side. so it will be a hair bigger than the thin one, but smaller than a strat