Hello there all I'v decided after many months of wondering what to buy I decided to buy another acoustic guitar. I'v come down to either the Taylor 110 or the Martin X0001. I was wondering what one would be the better buy ? Right now I have an Epiphone AJ, It was a gradation present. So either one of these would be way better then the AJ.
neither are a good value as both are laminate back and sides, and you are partly paying for the name on the headstock. i'm also wondering why those two as they don't sound anything like each other and are different sizes, besides. the martin has much more bass, the taylor a brighter sound. there are other brands that are a much better value so that for the same price, you can get an all solid guitar. i'd recommend recording king, blueridge or even an epiphone masterbilt (their all solid line), which i don't like as much as the other brands but is still much better than what you've got and probably better than the 2 you're considering.

everything from $350 on up on this page and the next are made of all solid wood, and they have great tone. my husband has one of their 000's, and he was surprised how good it sounded. i've played some others, and they all have such a great voice.

every guitar here is all solid wood with gloss finish, and they sound very good. i own a blueridge parlor - best sounding parlor i've played under $3000, but i've also played most of the other blueridges.

you might want to check out some guild GADs. for example, the all mahogany guild GAD-25. i played a used one at gc that really impressed me, and i've been playing guilds everywhere ever since. not only a great sounding well made guitar, but an excellent value AND comes with a hardshell case

if you're looking for something a bit smaller, the GAD-30 is pretty nice and near your price range http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/guild-gad-30-acoustic-design-series-orchestra-guitar-with-case/513141000010000

the epiphone masterbilts. lots of people love 'em, and one of the great things about them is that they can be seen in guitar centers if you want to try before you buy. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/search/search.jsp?question=masterbilt

every guitar i listed is a better value than the martin or taylor, as they are all solid, sound good, and of course, the guild GADs come with a case.
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