whats the best products to clean my guitar?
I already have a planet waves micro-fiber polish cloth that I use to wipe down my guitar when I'm done playing it

I went into my local shop and found some items they have for cleaning they had: kwik fret spray, pirastro string cleaner, GHS fast fret or they had all the ernie ball cleaning products which are fretboard conditioner, string cleaner, instrument polish and the combo pack which has them all
and they also had the ernie ball spray polish
and they had the planet waves string cleaner, liquid wax, cream polish or the instant spray cleaner and the planet waves express packs
any advice on what I should get?
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Quote by Finger Cramp
Dunlop Formula 65. Best thing ever for cleaning the body.

This for sure, works well. GHS fast fret is great, I hate the spray on string cleaners, it gets everywhere. GHS is just a stick with the mineral oil soaked into some kind of cloth, wipes on easy and makes it easier to play.
^ What said above for the body.

For the strings, I don't use the fast fret, I just use a normal, clean, dry cloth and wipe the strings, from the top to bottom, below and above it. It seems to last quite long that way too.

Also if you're changing strings, you might want to use the Dunlop 65 Lemon Oil, apply it on the fretboards, not too much but just enough then use a new clean cloth to wipe the whole fretboard.

Also, get some fret polish (I don't know much about this, just FYI) to clean the frets.
I just use the formula 65 stuff from Dunlop. Spray for the body, lemon oil for the fretboard (only use it a couple of times a year though). Awesome stuff
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Here's what I do:

Lay the neck down over something to add stability- even a pillow works.

Use sketch paper to polish the non-wound strings.

Drape a microfiber cloth down beneath the guitar. Mask off the body and headstock with microfiber cloth. Spray the fretboard (if Rosewood or Ebony) with lemon oil. I use Dr Stringfellow. Let it sit for a minute.

Run a MF cloth under the strings and up onto the fretboard. Clean up against each fret, side to side, removing excess lemon oil. This helps get the crud out from next to the frets. If they are really bad, I polish them with very light gauge steel wool after masking off the wood with painter's tape the next time I do a string change.

Once the fretboard is done, I work on the headstock. Use thin soft plastic tools to work a thin MF cloth up under the tuners and strings. I use Meguiar's guitar cleaners. The mist + shine is basically the same thing as the car quick detailer mist. It does not harm finishes and is not technically a wax. Think of it as safe Windex. If there are scratches or swirl-marks, I use an extremely-light cut polishing compound. Do not use automobile paint polishing compound- it can destroy the finish by dulling it too much. PlastX is the only alternative I'd use since it is the lightest abrasive close to the Meguiar's guitar polish.

I also have a medium cut polishing compound for heavy scratches but I've never used it. I keep my guitars shining at all times haha....

As for the tremolo... We all know how grungy those can get. Our hands wear off the finish and expose bare metal. If it is truly stainless steel you will only see minor corrosion. If it is a cheaper build, ferrous, it can rust. If there is a visible corrosion (any) I mask off everywhere around the tremolo and use Noxon metal polish which is safe for SS and coatings. Do not get it on the body finish. Apply it to a foam q-tip applicator and lightly brush the tremolo down. Use a cotton ball to remove excess. If the tremolo is just dusty, I wipe it down with a MF cloth. Easy. Foam q-tip applicators are also great for cleaning the edges of the pickups.

I mask off the neck again and spray Finger Ease coating for the strings.

I got ambitious one time and used Meguiar's Ultimate auto wax on the finish of one guitar. It worked well, but if you ever try this make sure you use one that is NOT a cleaner wax. Cleaner waxes have abrasives.

If you can't tell, I go crazy on detailing guitars and cars.

I then spray the body with mist detailer and wipe it all down.
I just wipe the body down with a cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel that I have. Not even sure what brand it is. I clean and condition the fretboard with Fender Fretboard Conditioner made by Meguiars. It has a lemony scent but it doesn't say that it's lemon oil. I've had the same bottle for probably 6 to 8 years now, lol. It works good, though. If there's something really good out there, let me know. I'll try it out.

Also, if you don't polish the frets already, get 3M blue painters tape, 0000 steel wool and Turtle Wax polishing compound. Tape off the fretboard right against the frets (one at a time or however you like), polish gently with the 0000 steel wool and then polish gently with the Turtle Wax. Your frets will look brand spankin' new. Tried it myself and I noticed the difference after using the compound instead of just polishing with the steel wool. Do make sure that the steel wool is 0000, which is super fine finishing steel wool. You don't want anything coarse.
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