M - marsupial
A- antedon
T- tetrahalide
H- hermeneutic circles

BEEP. Like the discrete-time multiplicative model, the geometric Brownian motion process is a lognormal process. Price S(t), defined formally by ln S(t)~N(ln S(0) + vt, sigma^2t), where N(m, variance).

E = S(0)e^(v+.5sigma^2*t)

Jim: "Doctor, your patient is dying!"
Dr. Poop: "DAMN IT Jim, I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker!"

Stay tuned, for the exciting conclusion of Dr. Poop, M.D.

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I'd like to take this moment to have a serious discussion with you all. There is a problem plaguing our community. People such as, Fairieswearsock, a rather facetious moniker for one that is...shall we say, insane. Fitting in that regard certainly. People like Fairieswearsock are an embarrassment to the community, a menace if you will. We must band together as a community!! Say no to proposition 101!!!!