...my Ibanez gsr200l+150 euros for a Cort Artisan B5LH? Do you think the 150 euro is reasonable?
I have a GSR200 that I converted to a fretless. I'd trade it for just about anything. it plays horribly, and was even worse before the conversion.

Then again, I picked it out of a trash pile after a hurricane, so it might not be in the best condition.

I've played that bass you're trading for before, it's a pretty good bass for the price. I'd still try to haggle though, of course. If you can get them down to 120 euro, I'd say you got a great deal.
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Thanks! Mine plays fine, but since im left-handed, this is probably my only chance to get ahold of a 5string (even though im not that sure i need it), and its specifications ( and aesthetics) look way better than my Ibanez.
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Im not a fan of Cort. But this is a very good deal.

Try to decrease it to 120 or 100 euros if possible

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150e is the lowered already from 200, so i doubt ill be lowering it more.