Which kind of girls do you think are really into cars? You know the ones, either the real rednecky girls or the slurry derro girls that are always like " omg his car is so good take me now". Do you notice a certain kind of girl gets really into cars? and do you find it less attractive?
I've dated girls who know more about my car than I do. I guess I find it kinda butch, but it doesn't bother me that bad. It doesn't really point to a certain type from my experience.
Girls that are really into cars and shit annoy me. I don't care one bit about cars.. But don't get me started on guitar gear
Even some really feminine girls will ask me all these questions about the engine and I'm like, "Look, I just bought the damn car, I dunno lol."
I probably know less about cars than most women.

I'm still hotter than them though.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Yeah I don't know jack shit when it comes to vehicles. I only recently learned the difference between like a four cylinder and a 6 or 8 or whatever, and even at that I only know that a four gets better mileage and that's what I have.

What I know:
Car goes vroom vroom, I press pedal it move, I press other pedal it stop.
Yeah I don't know shit about cars, so I kinda find it a little off putting when chicks are way into what I perceive to be a rather butch interest


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I'm not even allowed to get a Driver's License; to be frank, I couldn't care less about motorised vehicles.

^I'm sure you can find girls akin to either of those being interested in cars.
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My girlfriend has to pick me up if we're going out because I don't own a car, because I'm a fucking machine like that.

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I've known a lot of hot girls that were into cars and they were all down to earth, on the surface maybe it appears that only rednecks etc like them but if your actually involved in car culture you'll find its like everything else they come in all shapes and sizes/levels of beauty and whatnot just depends.

Oh and girls that are into cars are hot to me along with girls that are into guitars/real music
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I barely know stuff about cars :/

But you're like 5 years old, that's allowed.
I've got my drivers licensed suspended so I'm pretty happy my female friends know their shit.
Don't really care if girls are interested in cars or not. Now motorsport, that's a different story.
Sometimes you get the scene chicks that are into cars and sometimes they're hot. Like I love when a scene girl hits me up on Facebook. It's like dollar signs appear in my eye pupils, except instead of dollar signs it's boobies
All you guys who don't know anything about cars need to go for a ride in a fast car. I didn't know anything/give a shit about cars until I went for a ride in my friend's dad's skyline, and when he hit boost, oh my lawd. I was hooked.

Not to mention it'll save you loads of money when you service and fix your own car. And in case of emergencies. So get on it, kids.

On topic: All the girls I know don't know jackshit about cars. They just say 'I like your seats'.