Hey guys I have a 3 channel triple recto and it's been acting up lately. Ever since we got back from tour I've noticed I have to turn the output knob louder to get to gig volumes. Around 12 o clock. It used to only have to be at about 9 or 10 for shows. My 6505+ 112 is way louder.

Also my clean channel is acting weird. It just won't get even close to loud enough even if I peg the master volume for the channel and turn the output up to 12 o clock. And at this point it's not clean anymore, it sounds fizzy and crappy.

Is one of my tubes going bad possibly?
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Glowing tubes meanings nothing in regards to whether they are working or not. If your are losing volume, your power tubes are on the way out. If you are getting fizzy/distorted sounds when you should be getting clean sounds, that's probably your preamp tubes on the way out too. I would definitely get a full retube if I had an amp displaying the problems you described.
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Don't you have to replace them yearly with frequent play or so I've heard?