Hi everyone,

I'm a member of an online metal band, and we're looking for a bass player.

Our style could be described as a mix of Neoclassical Metal, Power Metal, Experimental Metal and also some Progressive Metal, but we even like to mix it with some more stuff.

You should be willing to diversify and play some different styles, be a really versatile player and also be able to play some quite advanced stuff, because a bunch of the stuff we wrote so far has some parts that are quite demanding to play. Beside that, you MUST be a serious and dedicated musician, because we're just planning to start out online, but next year we probably want to play our first gig.
You also need to be able to record your tracks, standard home recording is ok.

You don't have a to be a professional musician, but you should be a good player and have the will to try to make music your career.

I know the requirements are really high, but if anybody is able to fulfill those to a good extent and is interested in joining, please PM me.
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