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Jimi Hendrix
9 64%
Stevie Ray Vaughn
5 36%
Voters: 14.
We could probably argue all day on the criteria for what makes a guy the best blues/rock guitarist... so how about this:

Aliens are about to eat the Earth and the only chance we have for survival is if someone on the planet can create sounds from their Stratocaster deemed worthy of galactic survival. Who do you resurrect to defend the people of Earth?
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Eric Johnson

EDIT: not that he needs to be resurrected
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tenacious D...

they wish you were there, though it was just a matter of opinion.
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SRV: amazing technique, one of the best blues-rock players to have ever graced this earth. The look on people's faces when they start to realize how hard it is to play that sh*t as neatly (end effortlessly) as he did is still priceless
Jimi: a little sloppy by today's (or even SRV's days) standards, but a pioneer and rock legend, fantastic and pretty versatile songwriter (with a great voice, people often fail to mention that)

So Jimi by default because without him there wouldn't have been a Stevie as we knew him. Although to be honest I would rather play like Stevie

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i really really don't get why people like srv, he's ludriously bad when it comes to orginality, justin beiber's pratically a beatle compared to srv in creativity stakes. i'll admit he was very technically skilled but i really couldn';t care less if he's just playing hendrix covers and 'orginal' songs (aka more hendrix covers)

superstition's a hell of a song thou, i'll givwe him that
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GTFO of here with this stupid thread.

good call... totally idiotic to discuss SVR vs. Jimi in an electric guitar forum. I must be doing too many drugs.
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This forum is for discussing guitars. We have other forums for music and musicians. If you're going to break the rules, don't be a jerk when someone points that out to you.