So I'm wanting to WRITE stuff similar to this, I really need to start learning theory, Infact I've gone back to standard tuning, So really I'm looking for some where to start in theory and putting it into practice

I'm guessing learn notes of the neck, learn minor / major scale / Write stuff using the scale?

In regards to backing tracks, how would I come up with something?

Could you say... Play a chord like E, G then B, and play E minor, G minor, B minor over the top? but of course actually the correct order of the scale with the correct notes

so for major scale something like, C D E, and play a C major scale, d major etc etc?

or can anyone shed some more light onto this for me, as I've tried learning theory but all of it seems over my head still
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id say learn your major scales first because everything revolves around them then go into the chords and chord progressions that go with them. once youve done that you can go onto trying to do some backing tracks. after that learn your pentatonic scales and appreggios and you can try learning some lead stuff on guitar. after that youll have enough experience with theory to where you want to go next.
I'm made this recommendation a lot, and I suspect I'll make it a lot more, but unless you have a really good ear (eg, can quickly transpose complicated melodies and chord changes) then the best place to start to learn theory is Keith Wyatt et al's book "Ear Training."

It's not particularly meaningful to learn theory without connecting it to your ability to hear that theory. The same authors also have a book called "Harmony and Theory" but start with the ear training book.

What this will do is help you create by thinking in terms of the sounds you want to create - you'll start to be able to hear the music in your head before you play it.