Two questions.

1. Best affordable compressor pedal ideas?
2. In or out of effects loops ?

1. Define "affordable" (give us a price range) and 2. depends on what you want to compress; guitar's signal or the signal after the preamp?
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I have a dyna comp, one of the revision E RIs (which is the best of the reissues FYI), ive done a few mods on it and im pretty happy with it after the mods.


Compressor will work best in front of the amp.
So far I've noticed there's like 3 types of compressors: rack comps (which I'm not familiar with since I don't own an effects rack), cheap(ish) stompbox comps and boutique(ish) stompbox comps

The thing is: I'm a sucker for manufacturers that offer both quality AND fun, so when I started trying out compressors I quickly discovered I didn't like most of the "widely available + affordable" ones (BOSS, MXR, etc.) because they were either way too noisy and/or screwed up my dynamics in a way that just didn't sound right to me (which I know is what compressors are SUPPOSED to do, but trust me -> you'll notice the difference once you compare a Digitech Main Squeeze with an EHX Black Finger) whereas the ones that are usually preferred by those who nag about true bypass and all that sh*t (dunno what you'd call them -> boutique freaks?) like the T.Rex or Providence compressors were usually pretty "boring", or in other words: they'll tighten up your signal for some nice soloing with added sustain, but you won't get anything "spectacular" out of 'em like, say, the intro from "Kiss" by Prince or stuff like that

The compressor is a relatively subtle effect (unlike distortion or delay): for instance, a noob will barely hear the difference between a high and low quality mp3. I wanted one that you could instantly recognize as a compressor once you crank the sustain/gain knob up to 11 without making your tone sound like sh*t. In the end I got the Tone Press by Barber Electronics because it can do both. If you really wish to crank the gain for some hardcore over the top compression, it will deliver (and naturally get a little noisy once you stop playing, but I guess that's pretty much inevitable) but it's just as suited for tone chasers (I think I prefer that one over boutique freaks by the way)

If you're looking within the "middle category" there's the 2 standard ones I would recommend: The Dyna Comp (ain't half bad: it's cheaper than the Tone Press for a start, I think it was the first one I even considered buying) which I'd say it steers a bit more towards the "spectacular/fun" side whereas the Black Finger sounds more boring yet "high-end-ish", yet both are not nearly as radically different as those first pedals I mentioned (at least that's how I recall it: it's been a while since I tried all of these things) so check those out as well and see which you prefer

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The Dyna Comp is a really good/cheaper compressor. It's really close to the Ross that is considered by most one of the best stompbox compressors. I was also really impressed with the Aphex Punch Factory. I think they are a little more but have a few more features.
keeley 4 knob it aint cheap though
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I really like my Rocktron Reaction Compressor, but I've never A/B'd it against anything else, so I don't know how good or bad it is. But it's like $70 or so, and true bypass, so it's kind of hard to argue with, haha.

As for your second question, the compressor should be as early in your chain as possible (obviously after your tuner) to get the most out of it.
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Optical Compressors are supposed to be less noisy

At least that's what Dave Weiner says...
So that would include EHX White Finger, Maxon CP101, BBE Opto Stomp etc...
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