when I saw the thread title, I immediately thought "The Starting Line?"

and then I noticed this was the original recordings forum.

so now listening, it's pretty different. if anything, the weak points are that there's not enough gain on the guitars, or they're just not really pronounced.

and the vocals aren't my thing, but it seems to fit for your songs. it's a solid song though.
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I can't tell if the vocalist is male or female. I'm pretty sure it's male, but I can't be sure. The vocals are very good. Always on key and appropriate for the music. Very professional sounding.

The song structure is pretty much standard pop punk, but it's good and catchy.

My only problem is that the entire song lacked energy. Everything was too quiet, and the song just didn't have the bright energetic sound you'd expect from bands like Blink 182 and Good Charlotte. This might be because this is a live recording, but I doubt it because I find that live recordings are generally more energetic than the studio recordings.

My suggestion is that you make everything louder, tell your drummer to stop babying his/her instrument, and give the guitar a beefier tone with a little more edge. The bass is fine.

Hope this helps

The intro reminded me of the get up kids, which is awesome since I personally love them.

I agree with everyone here that's saying that the song should be louder and I would also love to hear a real recording of this, and I feel that turning up the gain on the guitar might give this a much more energetic feel, which would be amazing.

I like your singers voice, I think it might just sound slightly off because everything else is so much quieter

Overall I really like this song and would love to hear more from you guys.

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Cheers guys!

Apologies for the late reply, I work long night shifts.
I'd just like to say I agree with you about the quality of the recording and lack of guitar ferociousness - the recording we have was just a stereo track straight out of the desk, so it is what it is I'm afraid. I just liked the track and wanted to get it out there! Also as a bit of trivia, we were actually down a guitarist for the gig. It was recorded at a Battle of the Bands final, and we won!

If you liked it, PLEASE head over to our facebook page (link above), like the page and have a listen to the studio material

Onto these C4Cs then
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Hey, I really liked this song, especially the lead lines. The vocal melody was good too, really nice voice. I thought the guitar was fine for gain, but if you're going for a punkier feel definitely pile some more on. I'd like to hear this with your other guitarist, as this was awesome as it was.

Like was said above, more power on the drums would be great, guitar could be a little bit louder. The bass was perfect for the mix, just the right level.

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